Who refers to Integrative Therapies?

Integrative Therapies for Prevention, Cancer and Chronic Disease can keep you on the road to good health.

Providers seeking:

● Expert guidance with respect to nutritional and herbal medicine for patients looking to effect their future disease risk and for those dealing with a chronic health condition.

● Safe, effective, evidence based recommendations on complementary and alternative medicine that can only come from a practitioner trained and educated in both conventional care and holistic therapies.

● Expert, collaborative and safe guidance for cancer patients who are looking to integrate supplements including herbal and nutritional into their conventional treatment plan, as well as for those patients seeking effective advice regarding management of side effects of treatment and disease related issues.

● A broader set of evidence-guided options for patients who are not responding well to conventional treatment or who refuse conventional treatment options.

● Ongoing and responsible assessment of patients currently utilizing conventional treatments for their disease and who need expert guidance with their choice of complementary and alternative medicine choices.

● Interprofessional help managing cancer patients who want help with recovering from the effects of treatment or who are looking to reduce disease risk  into the survivorship period.

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